Remodeling the Bathroom

bathroom designMuch like the kitchen, remodeling the bathroom can become very costly. However, it can also increase the value of your house tremendously. Unlike the kitchen you are little more limited in what can be done in the bathroom. You can always knock out walls to create a larger bathroom. However, since the room is always going to be closed off you will be losing space in other areas that you won’t be able to appreciate as much. That is why cosmetic touches can be made to easily transform your bathroom.


If you are not adding to the size of the bathroom, then the best place to start is with the flooring. Unlike the kitchen, you should choose a tile with a variegated design. Although the space in the bathroom does not see as much traffic as a kitchen, it tends to get dirty very quickly. A subtle design on the tile will help to mask all the dirt and dust that tends to gather. If it’s in the budget, heated tiles are highly recommended. Not only do they come in great colors, but they make the bathroom that much more luxurious. You should always stay away from hardwood floors since the bathroom has so much moisture they can become damaged very quickly and will be costly to replace.

Vanities and Cabinets

Your vanity space should be clean and free of too much pattern or design. Marble countertops are a great choice for a clean, crisp and elegant finish. Although marble is more cost efficient than some other choices, it does have its downfalls. It tends to be a softer material so can scratch easily and is more likely to stain. However, you need to remember that your bathroom counter doesn’t get nearly as much use as your kitchen counters. This along with its classic beauty makes it a perfect choice for your bathroom.

bathroom designFor the cabinets, you should choose a color that compliments the marble. White cabinets or light grey ones are classic, and add a modern finish. Choose a cabinet that has doors and drawers, although the look of the open shelves is very nice, it’s not very practical in terms of storage. Since most bathrooms don’t have a lot of cabinet space, little details can really bring an elegant style. Details such as foot pedestals and updated handles and drawer pulls are great ways to finish the look.

If your vanity and countertop do not have a splash guard then you should install a backsplash. Be sure the backsplash you choose is water resistant and will compliment the look you wish to achieve.

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