Mirrors and Lighting

bathroom mirrorGreat bathroom mirrors are very affordable and easy to change out. You want your bathroom to be clean and contemporary, not too fussy. Choose a mirror that doesn’t have any beveling or intricate edges. The mirror should be rectangular or square so that it mimics the shape of the vanity. If you are on a budget you can easily frame your mirror with molding to make it look expensive and updated.

During a remodel you should be sure to switch out existing light fixtures with ones that are stylish but still give off the light that is needed. Choosing one that has a great style and durable designs can be tricky and should be researched. Using the right vanity light can create a much needed focal point in your bathroom. Brigette Peterson would advise making sure the finishes you choose will match the look you are going for and will compliment your space.

Tubs and Showers

If it’s within your budget to replace an existing shower, then it’s a great idea. Walk-in showers are always ideal, ones with glass doors are a more modern and classier finish. The shower itself should be tiled and not linoleum. Of course, this is going to cost more but the final results will add value to your bathroom. You should not choose white tiles as these will show mildew very quickly, instead choose ones that are on the darker side and that will compliment your design. If you do not have space or budget for an additional tub or whirlpool then you should choose the tub/shower combination. Follow the same rules for tile on the walls, and keep the tub a clean white color.

If it’s not in the budget to completely replace the existing tub or shower that came with your house, there are other options. You can always paint the tub, it is a very affordable option that will modernize your bathroom. Be sure that you are skilled in this area or hire a contractor to do the work. The shower will see a lot of use and you don’t want the paint to peel or chip after a short time.

Finishing Touches

Once the remodel of your bathroom is complete, you should paint it with a color that will flatter your design. As discussed earlier light colors will make space look larger, but if you choose a light color vanity and cabinet you can have a darker wall color for contrast. If you are using a shower that requires a curtain, you can really make your personality come out with a fun or colorful shower curtain. Finish the curtain off with a great set of holders that aren’t just your basic curtain rings. Add some coordinating rugs and towels to finish your newly remodeled bathroom.

bathroom mirrorIt’s also helpful to add some shelf’s to your bathroom. These are great for filling space and for easy storage. Using baskets and other accessories on the shelves makes it feel like a room and not just a forgotten space.

These are just a few of the tricks and tips when remodeling your bathroom or kitchen. You should do your research, ask questions of professionals, and really make sure you are getting the look you want. You also have to be sure that the materials you are using are appropriate for space. This isn’t always obvious if you are not experienced. Unlike other rooms in your house, the kitchen and the bathroom see much more wear and tear and need to have the proper materials. Renovating these rooms are very costly, so take your time in deciding. Following these guidelines to be sure to give you the house of your dreams. Happy renovating!

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