Kitchen Countertops and Backsplash

Kitchen & BathKitchen countertops are another part of the space that can get very costly and the range of prices are tremendous. Of course if budget is no issue, granite makes for a great countertop. Not only does granite come in a range of colors that will compliment your cabinets, it is also highly durable. It is safe to say that kitchen countertops see their fair share of usage over the course of a day, so spare no expense when deciding.

You also want to do your research and be sure to choose a material that will not stain very easily. However, use caution when deciding on the countertops. You should avoid using one that has a large mix of colors. It is always preferable to show the color and personality in the backsplash which can more easily be changed out at a more affordable price.

Choosing a backsplash for your kitchen is where you can easily bring out your personality and be a bit more trendy and daring. Although it would take some effort and money to replace, it is much more affordable to do than any other part of your kitchen. Like everything else you want to be sure the backsplash is durable, water and heat resistant. This is especially important if it is going to be placed behind a sink or stove. If you are on more of a budget there are many options for affordable backsplash. Many companies these days even have peel and stick tiles that are easy to install in a couple of hours. You can be very creative when it comes to backsplash, and use a variety of materials, textures and colors to compliment your kitchen.


If you are able to afford new flooring in the kitchen, then try to stick with tile. Although wood floors look very nice, they aren’t always as durable when it comes to water. They also seem to get dirty, scratched and scuffed easily when they are in a high traffic area. I would instead opt for tile flooring that is a neutral color. It can be tricky with the tile, you don’t want something that will show the dirt easily but you also don’t want anything that is too busy and will clash. You also don’t want to choose a pure white grout for this area. It high traffic and the grout will become dirty quite easily. Instead choose a light grey or bisque color depending on the tile color.

Finishing Touches
kitchenNow that your kitchen remodel is almost complete, choose the wall color that will perfectly compliment your cabinets, tile and countertops. Lighter color walls always seem to brighten up the area, making it feel more warm and inviting. While darker colors can really close off the area and not have that cheerful allure for such a lively space. If it’s in your budget, buying new appliances can really add to the value of your space and can be more efficient on energy costs. Lastly, don’t forget to decorate your room. Add in curtains that will add pops of color and bring life to the area. Also add in plants as another way to add life and bring some color to the space.

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